Who is OSCARwest?

OSCARwest has been involved with the OSCAR EMR software since 2003.

Our trainers and support staff have worked in medical offices and have familiarity with the processes that accompany the use of the EMR software. When you have a question about billing, MSP, WCB or privately through OSCAR, our staff will understand your concerns.

OSCARwest staff know that changing systems in a busy medical practice can be a daunting task.

We work with your team to ensure that your roll-out of OSCAR meets the expectations of everyone on staff. We plan your training package with your help. We can judge your needs based on the abilities and number of care givers and auxiliary staff and we'll work with you to train your trainers

OSCARwest came to OSCAR at the grass-roots, exposing us to a comprehensive knowledge of the software, its features, shortcuts, and even its idiosyncrasies. OSCARwest stays involved with the development community and communicates the ideas, feature requests, and concerns of our clients to the technical community.

Our communication with other service providers across the country allows OSCARwest to understand the variety of requirements there are in operating a medical practice.

We are able to assist in the continued evolution of OSCAR as an open-source EMR software deserving the use of GPs, specialists, midwives, and other health care professionals. 

OSCAR meets west:

The history of OSCAR in BC & the coming to be of OSCARwest.

In 2001, the OSCAR EMR software project was started by the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University (in Hamilton, ON, Canada) with the objective of producing a state of the art, web-based, open-source EMR to support diverse academic and clinical functions.

Since 2001, OSCAR has been implemented in large and small clinics across the country with users Canada-wide.

In 2004, OSCARwest’s founder, Patti Rodger Kirkpatrick was introduced to Dr. David Chan, the creator of OSCAR EMR in Canada over dinner when he came to congratulate the Pemberton Medical Clinic as being one of the champions adopting an Open Source EMR in BC. 

Dr. Chan suggested to Patti that although her role as project manager to the Pemberton Medical Clinic was reaching an end, she might look to tutoring others as they found their way into adopting OSCAR. 

In 2005, OSCARwest EMR Services opened shop with 4 clients - BC’s first adopters of OSCAR.

In British Columbia, we have a diverse group of users continually driving growth.
It was in the west that the first 'user's groups' were convened, e-mail list-serves opened, and the OSCAR Canada Users Society was formed. OSCARwest has been intrinsically involved in all of this community effort and is pleased to have fostered OSCAR alongside some of the early inexhaustible pioneers - Drs. David Chan, Colleen Kirkham, Jel Coward, Carole White, and Gunther Klein; and more recently with Drs. Tracy Monk, John Yap, John Robertson, Morgan Price and Jens Weber.

In 2016, OSCAR’s strength as the best EMR in BC was apparent, and not solely based on the expansive number of users.   

While McMaster owns the OSCAR ‘mark’, it stepped away from EMR development and created a new entity in OSCAR EMR.  While OSCAR EMR continued to steward the constant development of code in Ontario, it became apparent that the provincial diversity driven by government funding and specifications were demanding that BC Users collaborate and diminish the reliance on the mother-ship at OSCAR EMR. 

The OSCAR BC User’s Society was founded and request put out to our users to contribute a small monthly donation of $18 per month, per full time provider to aid in paying the costs of a new position of an Executive Director, research and development, bookkeeping and website costs. 

The directors of the OSCAR BC User’s Society are all unpaid volunteers and include physician users, chartered OSCAR Service Providers, academics and developers. OSCARwest’s CEO sits on the board to ensure the needs of our users are voiced.

  Enthusiastic recruits to the board are welcome; as is the ultimate goal to establish regional committees monitoring changes proposed by the governing Health Authorities.

It is the goal of the OSCAR BC User’s Society to ensure that all OSCAR users across the province are presented a standardized, stable OSCAR release reflecting OSCAR's code of ethical conduct.

Understanding the the spirit of co-opetition that exists in a Libre environment is what keeps OSCAR vibrant.

Contact the directors of OSCAR BC through info@oscarbc.ca

New OSCAR Users are encouraged to join the OSCAR conversation amongst peers on line. Subscribe to one or all of the OSCAR list-serves here.