Who puts the 'we' in OSCARwest?

Patti Rodger Kirkpatrick | CEO

| Business & Training Management |



Patti has been involved with OSCAR since it was introduced to British Columbia in 2003. She worked tirelessly as a volunteer on the original OSCAR Canada User's Society board of directors, and has always assisted in the organization of the OSCAR-Con each spring in Vancouver and with the AGM held at the FMF each fall. Patti has presented workshops at the conferences and provided assistance with registration and fund raising when needed. 

Patti's background as a software instructor with management and accounting experience has enabled her to provide consultation services to many medical practices.

Jaquie Macey | Customer Support



Jaquie lives in a Tiny House in Paradise Valley, Squamish, B.C.  She loves nature and is an avid hiker and mountain biker. She does yoga and is interested in living sustainably.  Jaquie has a background in Medical Imaging and has been an MOA for over 20 years. She loves being of service, and helping people.  

Alexandra Kirkpatrick | Accounting





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