Tools to make your life with OSCAR as smooth as possible.


What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer allows for remote control to any PC or Mac or Linux Ubuntu machine over the internet within seconds.

What do I have to do?

1. Download our licensed version of TeamViewer (see icon below).

2. Save it to your computer.

3. Give OSCARwest's support professionals access by sharing your secure ID.

4. We can then view your screen and assist you with any troubles you cannot solve alone.   

We like to call it "Big Sistah" watching.  

As we watch, we are learning your habits; and we'll help make corrections where needed.

Download Team Viewer:




Download link for the current Firefox ESR version we are running:

You will be prompted to choose your operating system (Linux, Mac or Windows) and then your preference for language.  We at OSCARwest prefer EN-GB which has learned how to spell 'colour', 'honour', 'labour' and 'humour' correctly. 

Once you've downloaded it, as an OSCARwest supported customer, you can log in to your OWLss portal to see the video on how to set the optimal default settings in Firefox to ensure your OSCAR runs best.